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Authentic Peruvian Cuisine



A family business.

Sazón is a family-owned restaurant, inspired by the recipes of our great-grandmother, Maria Olinda. Sazón Peruvian Cuisine fuses different stages from our country's history; ranging from the ancient Inca empire through the Spanish conquest, which brought slaves from Africa and China. Further influences came through Italian and Japanese – following World War 2 - immigrants, blending indigenous foods of Peru and cooking methods of four continents into a unique culinary experience.

Our great-grandmother has Peruvian, African, Spanish and Italian ancestry and in many ways truly embodied the indigenous, cultural, and culinary diversity that Peru has to offer. Our goal is to introduce our culture and cuisine to you and hopefully make Sazón your new local, favorite, family restaurant.

 Salud y buen provecho!





(707) 523-4346


1129 Sebastopol Road
Santa Rosa, CA 95407


Mon -Thur                            Lunch: 11am to 230pm        

Dinner: 5pm to 830pm


Brunch: 9am to 12pm


Lunch/Dinner: 11am to 830pm